Bath time Fun and Savings!


ducky Rubber Duckie & Friends

Normally $24.99

Use Code: pnmag

For 50% off at $12.49

Rubber Duckie & Friends™ are adorable gentle-flow bath & shower wands for kids. We help parents solve three universal problems:

  • Some kids don’t like to bathe
  • Some kids are intimidated by having shampoo rinsed from their hair
  • And, for some kids the transition from taking a bath to taking a shower is scary
  • Here’s how Rubber Duckie & Friends™ helps:

  • We make it fun for kids to bathe, so it’s easier to get them in the tub in the first place
  • We have a very soft, gentle spray pattern and low 1.5 gpm flow rate, so rinsing doesn’t hurt and is not intimidating
  • And, we help kids transition to taking showers on their own because we’re fun and adorable
  • Rubber Duckie & Friends™ turns bath time into Good Clean Fun! Great baby shower gift?

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