Try the 52 week challenge for 2014!!!

I know that many of us struggle to save throughout the year. Try this challenge to save week by week and let me know how you are doing. I will re-post this every couple of weeks to see how you are doing. πŸ™‚



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369 Responses to Try the 52 week challenge for 2014!!!

  1. Diane says:

    How does it work?

  2. evotia says:

    id like to try this

  3. evotia says:

    this wud b gd

  4. Maida says:

    I will give it the best I can.

  5. waverly says:

    It does not have to be done with dollars as this gets too expensive for a lot of people but can also be done with 25 or 50 cents and makes it more affordable and still helps to save.

  6. linda howell says:

    love this going t do iy christmas money next year.

  7. WB Mcknight says:

    Would like to have a printable copy

  8. Pat Cook says:

    Can’t wait to get started!

  9. Mar says:

    I would like to have a copy of the bi-weekly chart. If possible send to Thanks

  10. sherr says:

    I will try this

  11. George A. Gross Jr. says:

    Thanks for the ideas…

  12. Kathy says:

    I am so going to try this!!!!! 2014 is going to be my year!!!!!!

  13. alexis says:

    I will be following the challenge

  14. Lori Davidson says:

    great idea hope it works.

  15. Colleen Matthiesen says:

    Great ideas

  16. shirley says:

    I will do this !

  17. Patricia Fortner says:

    Starting this week and hubby will be doing the same

  18. grace says:

    i will try this five bucks a week…i would be able to buy all my christmas and more…and use this just for that and not my savings…for house and other things

  19. Hiona Kerehi says:

    I not clear so I deposit $1.00 for the first week then $2.00 the next and so on is that right abit confused

  20. Jeni Stewart says:

    Going to double.

  21. Kerry says:

    Week 49, the total should be $1225, not $1125.

  22. Joani Hicks says:

    I will begin this journey as of January 1st 2014.

  23. Jackie Manos says:

    Great idea! Let’s do it!

  24. Theresa says:

    This sounds like a great idea for Christmas the following year or the money for a vacation!!

  25. Phyllis McDonough says:

    Gonna try this!

  26. Susan says:

    I want to start this today, my husband’as birthday, Pearl Harbor day !! So every Saturday I’ll put in the required amount and go from there, I guess, I hope , and we’ll see.

  27. Dottie Reddinger says:

    Sounds like a great idea. Going to try this in 2014 and see what happens. πŸ™‚

  28. Sonny Schoenberger says:

    I just challenged people at the office.

  29. rebecca berry says:

    2014 will be my year to save — week one will be jan st

  30. Gracye says:

    My family is doing it

  31. erika hall says:

    im trying this challenge

  32. Challenging our church at Bible Study to save more.

  33. Hawkfeathers1 says:

    That is amazing. I will try this myself for 2014. It will more than pay my property taxes!

  34. Nate Thomas says:

    Might I suggest doing this in reverse. If not you’ll be giving the most during Christmas time when money is often tight vs in the beginning when you have all the money you received during the holiday season.

  35. Joanna B. says:

    Sounds good and it’s simple. I think I may try this. Maybe I’ll try to double it. We’ll see. Wish me good luck πŸ™‚

  36. Michelle Logsdon says:

    I’m going to the this and see what happens for the idea

  37. Regina says:

    Doing this!

  38. Robert Adkins says:

    I will try it, but with a modified version. I need one based on a 2 week pay period.

  39. jesse burcham says:

    Why not just deposit $26.50 once a week for 52 weeks???

  40. Susie says:

    I try it too….sounds good

  41. Stacie says:

    My cousin and I are going to challenge each other.

  42. Carrie Kriebel says:

    This sounds great I am on week 8 .. πŸ™‚

  43. Bryan Burke says:

    Going to do this at the beginning of the year.

  44. Patti Renwick says:

    Sounds great going to try it difinatly going to try it

  45. Cathy Mayer says:

    I’m gonna do this I have a friend starting it with me.

  46. Shanlita E says:

    Excited about the challenge

  47. Corey says:

    I have always had a hard time saving money I am going to give this a try! If I can keep it up all year maybe I’ll start over again in 2015!

  48. Kathryn Erickson says:

    This is pretty cool. I’m gonna try it starting 2014 !!! I hope I can at least last till February… lol

  49. Edna stephens says:

    I will be doing this starting 2014

  50. David J Jackson says:

    I’m going to do it… Blessings for me in 2014..

  51. Linda Rabon says:

    Sounds great, will try and see if it works for me!

  52. Karen OGrady says:

    My husband’s cousin and I are doing this in reverse.

  53. Tonya says:

    I’m excited to try in 2014!

  54. Carmel Bosquet says:

    I’m going to do this cchallenge too. Great idea.

  55. DEFINATELY going to do this

  56. Sue Patterson says:

    Awesome! I’m going to do this!!! Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  57. Jenn says:

    If only I made enough to do that..

  58. Angie says:

    I’m gonna try this as well.

  59. Corinna says:

    I did this last year and what a difference it made when I went Christmas shopping!. I will do it again next year but I will do it in reverse. Giving up the 40-52 dollars a week at the holidays was a little hard. I will begin with 52 and by Christmas time be down to the single digits.

  60. Annette Smith says:

    Im try this

  61. jason gignac says:

    No problem

  62. Joyce Milner says:

    My hubby and I is going to take the challenge. Hope we do good.

    Joyce Milner

  63. Mildred says:

    Sounds like a great financial plan. Definitely going to do it.

  64. Melissa says:

    Would love to save like this, but impossible to save from this example when you only have one check a month. Will try to make our own weekly savings chart like this but with what income we have. Thanks for the idea for next year. Happy 2014.

  65. Kathy Lynn says:

    How would a person do this if they were paid bi-weekly or twice a month or monthly? Just curious? Thanks

  66. Pat says:

    Could you please explain to me how to do this if you get paid every two weeks

  67. Vanessa Etienne says:

    I have been doing this this 2013. Not hard at all to do!!!!

  68. Tanya Glover says:

    This sounds great I will give it a try!

  69. Debbie Fogus says:

    Sounds like a great idea!

  70. mary damers says:

    Gonna try..can’t hurt

  71. going to try fingers crossed i succeed

  72. Alicia says:

    I’m in and challenged my family & friends.
    Love this profitable challenge

  73. Gerri Milliron says:

    I am going to try and do this,this year.

  74. monica says:

    I’m going to try this

  75. Carla Abrams says:

    Definetly want to try this….sounds amazing if i can keep my hands out of the pot so to speak.

  76. Sue Blue says:

    It looks so simplistic and easy to manage. I think I am up for the challenge. Thanks for sharing such a stupendous idea.

    Love you.

  77. clifton McGowan says:

    Nice…I am motivated to try it

  78. Carla baker King says:

    I believe I’m going to try this. Thanks for the post

  79. Roy says:

    Following the original plan, you would contribute $10 in January and then $202 by December. Seems like quite a steep jump.

    As I looked at the saving schedule, I noticed the dollar among per week kept going up. I thought it will be easier to save on a more consistent, even amount per pay period. I like the idea very much, just not the dollar amount constantly going up. Well, I did the math. If we break it up evenly, it works out to $26.5 per week or $53 every 2 weeks and that’s $102 per month (during the 4 months that have 3 Fridays it’s $159).

  80. jennifer says:

    Am going to challenge myself for 2014!

  81. jennifer Ward says:

    I’am going to challenge myself for 2014!

  82. Janine Chery Best says:

    I will try this in 2014.

  83. Keri Toole says:

    Awesome, I am going to do this and then give it to my husband for his birthday next year (12/27)

  84. Trunita Bogan-Elliott says:

    I am going to try this as well. Good luck everyone!

  85. Kathy Thralls says:

    I’ll give it a try.

  86. Diane Clements Harris says:

    Im In.

  87. Sherrie Porter says:

    Need to fix the typo on week 49-you have the acct. balance as $1125 & it should be $1225. It’s corrected on week 50 & so on. Gonna try this!

  88. Kegan says:

    I am going to try it and see what happens. It is a great way to save for Christmas. I am challenged. I will have to be reminded to do it. Since I get paid every two weeks I will have to do it by two instead of ones.

  89. Eileen says:

    Figure out how much you need for your IRA:
    An example if you can save $2500 double the
    weekly amount and by the end of the year
    you will have more than enough for your IRA
    contribution for 2014.

  90. LaTonya Wilson says:

    I’m ALL In!

  91. Martha says:

    I am going to definitely try it!

  92. Scott says:

    52 week money challenge, where do u put your money?

  93. Francine says:

    Great idea I will do it!

  94. Jonique Millan says:

    I’m always struggling at the end of the year with savings . This is a ggreat idea.

  95. Myrtle Patterson says:

    I’ll give it a try

  96. Toni says:

    How do I get started

  97. Aundria says:

    I think I will try this!

  98. Jen says:

    I talked to my husband about this and he’s on board. Yay!!!!!!!

  99. Mike says:

    I put away every $5.00 bill I receive. I deposit them in every 3 months. I save more than this in 6 months. But it does take discipline.

  100. Danie says:

    I think this is an excellent idea. Will definitely help if you do it repeatedly.

  101. Cazz Schroder says:

    Sounds fair….I’m up for a challenge

  102. Erlinda says:

    $1 per week, increasing $1 each week?

  103. brandy nelson says:

    I desperately need to try this

  104. Teresa Barron says:

    On board

  105. Penny little says:

    Ready to save!!!

  106. Danny Armstrong says:

    sound like something i am going to try

  107. Mary says:

    I think this is a great idea. Thanks

  108. Kristine Gallagher says:

    Great idea

  109. says:

    Am going to give this a shot

  110. Leah Ann says:

    My husband and will be doing this πŸ™‚

  111. Jeni says:

    I made it to week 38 in 2013. I`m gonna give it another try in 2014. Good luck to everyone.

  112. Linda says:

    I will talk to my husband about this when he gets home from work today.

  113. vicky says:

    I’m looking forward to having a Christmas next year that i wont have to worry about where am I going to get the money to buy my family something for Christmas.

  114. Carrie Kriebel says:

    I just deposited week 12..

  115. Andrea Drapek says:

    Fantastic idea!! Can’t wait to try it!

  116. TuLi says:

    This is a good idea.

  117. Lori says:

    I am including my family in this challenge.

  118. Char says:

    When my daughter was born she weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces so every week I put $6.10 away for her then when my son was born he weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces so I put $6.14 away every week for him (that is $12.24 per week for both children per week, $48.96 per month with 4 weeks in it) so at the end of the year I have set back $317.20 for my daughter and $319.28 for my son and I will continue to do this until they are (at least) 18 years old so that my children will have some money for a house down payment, car, or college. By the time my daughter turns 18 I will have $5,709.60 saved for her and by the time my son turns 18 I will have $5,747.04 saved for him. I think this is a great idea for any baby a gift (dollars are the pounds and cents are the ounces), just a thought for new babies.

  119. Toni Clark says:

    Okay you got my attention and absolutely nothing to lose; this is a win win situation. You not only make a commitment and keep it but at the end you have hundreds of dollars put away that you wouldn’t have otherwise Love it!!

  120. I’m going to do this money saving challenge, it sounds like a great way to save money…

  121. primrose kalalau says:

    Very excited
    thank you
    aloha, primrose

  122. Paula says:

    Alternately, this works out to $26.50 per week, or $114.83 per month. It may be easier for some of us to put an equal amount into savings monthly rather than building up the amount each week – by the time you get to December, you’re putting away $202. That amount may be a bit steep, especially around the holidays. Or maybe you could reverse the amounts, starting at $52 on Week One and $1 by Week 52. Whichever way one chooses, it’s a great idea to save!

  123. vivian says:

    Going to try this. Being a hair stylist should be easy since tips get larger at the end of the year. Then I can buy me a Christmas present!!!!! LOL

  124. stephanie says:

    I love a challenge! Gonna give it a try!

  125. Andrea says:

    Definitely doing this!!!!

  126. David Blair says:

    I will try this. It will be difficult because my by weekly pay, but I will try.

  127. Lynn Cupp says:

    I’m totally gonna do this

  128. Deborah Trent says:

    Im on board!!!

  129. Louisa says:

    Great Challenge

  130. Maria says:

    I did it on 2013 and it was so good to have all this money saved!!!

  131. Christie Stevinson says:

    I have a hard time saving money but I am going to try this and see if I am able to do it this way. Sounds like a great plan πŸ™‚

  132. Ren says:

    Always looking for a way to save

  133. Ren says:

    always looking for a way to save!

  134. Sandra Erskine says:

    On bored! Love it πŸ™‚

  135. Sue says:

    I will challenge myself on this….

  136. Thanks for sharing. Didn’t think that by the time we put in $52.00 at the last week of the year, it’ll total over $1,3sum. Now isn’t this neat?! If it works, then I’ll continue every year! Now HOW ABOUT THAT!!!!-SHERLOCK

  137. Tracey says:

    I’m looking forward to the outcome.

  138. stephanie says:

    Great idea im in

  139. anne says:

    starting in reverse – money gets shorter throughout the year

  140. Clara Moore says:

    Sounds like a planβ™₯

  141. Jean Lohr says:

    I am going to try this, would love it if it works.

  142. vito says:

    Thanks , looks fun and attainable

  143. Mary Lou says:

    The last few amounts are added wrong!! Should be $2378!!

  144. Sue says:

    I am going to try this but I am going to start at week 52 and go backward. I think it would be harder to put the higher amount away in dec.

  145. Raquel Mearls says:

    Nice Plan. I’d like to give this challenge a chance.

  146. Anita g. Alston says:

    Think I will go from large amount to smallest. Might be easier????? Great idea!

  147. Jolie says:

    I think I’m going to try this but start backwards witht he highest amount first. Otherwise the larger amounts hit during December which is daughter’s birthday and Christmas and money is always extra tight. So for me I think more likely to succeed if I work my way down to a $1.

  148. Donna says:

    I am going to do it but since paydays are every two weeks, I am going to break it down that way.

  149. Dierdre says:

    How would you do this if you only get paid monthly?

  150. Susan Lerma says:

    I’m going to try it

  151. cheryl says:

    I’m in!

  152. Michelle Norgord says:

    I am gonna try and double this and see how it goes

  153. Chauncyne says:

    My husband and I are on board. Going to challenge my entire family to do the same thing!

  154. Cherry Champine says:

    Gonna do it! $7.00 per week. Christmas shopping money next year.

  155. Traci says:

    Going to try this so next Christmas I will have money without taking out of regular savings.

  156. LaJuan Johnson says:

    I am going to give this a try too. Thanks cuz!

  157. jeff says:

    Ok I’m in

  158. Tammy says:

    Definitely trying this too!

  159. Gary Price says:

    BUT…………….$25 a week will do nearly the same thing, and by the end of the year, usually easier.

  160. linda says:

    I want to know where you can get that kind of interest…..

  161. brent whitman says:

    please keep re-posting. I need to get to a printer.. sent it to me in a e-mail. thank you AND GOD BLESS…

  162. Reta says:

    I’m going to do this…see how far I get!

  163. Kelley says:

    gonna give it a try!!!

  164. Angela Davy says:

    I will try this 2014

  165. Dmarie says:

    Oh soooo ready! I’m in.

    From CA

  166. aj Gurung says:

    I would like to know more about the challenge, how can it be done in a group?

  167. Darlene says:

    A friend and I did this in 2013. We’re doing it again this year!! Except our busy time is jan – April so we started with 52 dollars and went backward!! Awesome savings plan!! You never miss it.

  168. Lisa says:

    Do you biweekly charts?

  169. Linda says:

    Considering staring this in reverse order. I got to thinking after seeing this several days ago, that next December things might get tight with holidays etc coming up. In the past, I used to put aside every $5 bill I rec’d in change while out shopping. Have quite a stash f $5 bills saved up for my trip to Hawaii one day in my future.

  170. Linda says:

    How can I print this out?

  171. Heather says:

    What kind of account is this possible with? I know my savings acct won’t have the same results

  172. I’m definitely going to talk to my husband about this… I think it’s a great idea… I think I’ll try it with the kids’s accounts! πŸ™‚

  173. Faith says:

    I am so excited you posted this up. I seen this at a church sale in Mableton few months back. Lady was selling for $34.00 which thought was way to high and all.So I am for shure doing this starting on Wed. 01,Jan 2014.

  174. Sally says:

    This seems like a really good idea .I am a single mother what could it hurt right ? I am so going to try this πŸ™‚

  175. Deborah Spaulding says:

    Count me in sis.

  176. I saw this on my news feed. I will do this not to see if it works! It works !!! Just put it in action and reap the benefits from it. Just don’t “TRY” it because you will never do it.

  177. BK says:

    This is a great idea! It may look easy and yet I believe it requires great commitment and discipline to do it every week. Should give it a shot! End of 2014, this can be a good amount to do some good.

  178. Chelsea says:

    Week 49 to Week 50 is 50.00 but adds 150.00 to the running total.

  179. DEB says:

    It SOUNDS good but…if you are on fixed income like us, when it gets up to 40.00 a week, THAT is 160.00 a MONTH..heck, we couldn’t LIVE if we did that. Good for people who already have money though~

  180. Joette Barr says:

    Sounds like a great idea for me personally since I’m the spender in the family and not the one who saves. So this will be a challenge and I’d like to see how well I do.

  181. great idea and challenge im in

  182. Susan says:

    I have a friend whom did this. He leaves for Florida Saturday!

  183. Pualani says:

    I’m trying this. Thanks

  184. Pam Zrbel says:

    Sounds fantastic!! My husband WON’T save a dime!! It pisses me off. I DON’T have access to the bank account. He says if I need something, he will go get it, so for me to even try to save ANY of ‘his’ money…would be hard. I will show him this, he will say ‘yeah, ok..HOW am I to save $ when ‘we’ have bills?’ I have been trying to get him to save AT LEAST $20 a paycheck or a month and it doesnt get done….

  185. Gail Wells says:

    Going to give it a try .

  186. Kim Weber says:

    Great challenge. I’m in!

  187. it sounds interesting i want to try it

  188. sounds interesting am going to try it…

  189. Nathaniel says:

    I’ve been doing my own challenge..only slightly larger than this. Started 2 years ago when I got married..24 years old and have 54, 000 in savings already. We are saving for our dream home and would like to put 20% down on a 15yr fixed rate and Suze Orman has been a gr8 help (love her show). Only 24 years old and I’m on the way to financial success! Debt free as well! If you do this believe me you will be very happy with the outcome at each years end!

  190. Patty B says:

    I can do it!!

  191. Kimberly Wooldridge says:

    I’m going to try this,got. To try some thing new cool thanks

  192. Karmen says:

    I will try it…

  193. Valerie says:

    I’ve been excited to try this since I saw it posted on fb! Happy New Year, and good luck to us all!

  194. Deana says:

    I am going to do this backwards so the expensive months are at the beginning of the year and won’t interfere with holiday shopping.

  195. Barb says:

    I am going to try this, never have enough money at the end of the year!!

  196. Pamela says:

    This sounds do-able!

  197. Thank you for your publishing this novel idea. My husband, me and our daughter are aboard!!!

  198. My husband, daughter and myself are aboard with your novel idea!!!

  199. Wendy says:

    What am I missing? If you save $1 a week you end up with $52. How are you earning interest? Thanks!

  200. Michael says:

    Hi Lori,
    Sounds like a good idea going to try to give it a shot.

  201. Angela Reynolds says:

    This sounds like a great idea and not just for 2014!

  202. Barry says:

    If you do it backwards, you’ll deposit the same amount. But compound interest will give you more at the end!

  203. Sandra Miley says:

    I am trying this, this year. Have saved in the past, but not like this. I had more than that, but saving is good.

  204. Jeff says:

    Just remember,… you’re looking at setting aside $186 next November, and $202 during next December. That’s almost $400 out of your Holiday budget. Good luck… but watch the months ahead

  205. Nancy fry says:

    Going to try it. Nothing to loose and everything to gain!

  206. Herbert W. Allen says:

    I Am Going To Try Monthly ( Every Four Weeks ) Amount, Starting With $ 202 Jan.
    And Work Backwards, Wish Me Luck !!!!

  207. Jan says:

    Going to try what a great way to save for Christmas gifts or even better a nice trip to the tropics or a cruise……

  208. Cathy Hill says:

    Lol. I always liked to do things backwards……. I think I might try this backwards. Same outcome but as time nears for that vacation, I’ll be putting out less each week.
    Yes I’m weird

  209. Marla Heaston says:

    I am doing this!!

  210. Lol says:

    The propensity to save diminishes as the year passes. πŸ™ You should start with the highest amount, $52. You then work down all the way to $1.

  211. Diane says:

    husband likes idea

  212. tinka says:

    This sound really good ,I’m willing to try this.

  213. Helene says:

    Would like to be a part of this.

  214. Sandra says:

    I am willing to try.
    Where am I saving? bank, friend…?

  215. Bubu says:

    I’d give it a try but it would take forever to find the 52 jars buried in the back yard. I think instead, week one- I’ll bum a smoke, week two- I’ll ask someone for a dollar…
    Next year I’ll be on top!

  216. Shawn says:

    One goal I will not break for the New Year!

  217. Tom Rochford says:

    Try this on a average weekly basis of $3.74 – easier and same result.
    Or $.54 per day.

  218. Isa. M says:

    I’m going to give this a try. Looking to take a trip to Paris.

  219. Krysten Maxwell says:

    I’m going to do this starting today!!!!

  220. terry says:


  221. Sue Blouin says:

    I’m in.

  222. DC says:

    Sounds like a really cool idea, but when you start getting to $50 a week for many of us that just isn’t realistic.

  223. Breean says:

    Funny enough, you get the same result by just putting $26.50 into savings each week and then in December you don’t have to save the $202 in one month.

  224. Sati Farias says:

    Sounds like a perfect plan. I already put up my first $1.00 to start my saving in 2014.

  225. ashlie says:

    this is a very good idea I am going to try this challenge wish me luck

  226. Fabry says:

    In my opinion should be the other way around, start from 52 and go down. Else you are going to be in november/december having to save over $200 a month…

  227. Valerie says:

    This sounds like a good idea I’m going to start this..what a great way to start saving & to start the New Year off right & end it with some money

  228. Luanne says:

    I’m going to give it a shot. What have I got to lose?

  229. Gabriel says:

    Will do 10dollars…

  230. hollie says:

    I am so going to try this!!!

  231. Anna says:

    A great way to save for a specific goal.
    Also a great way to teach children about money
    And the value of and responsibility of it.

  232. Angela says:

    There is mistake for 49 week balance. Should be 1,225.00 .

  233. Dianne Shinpaugh says:

    What a great way to have your Christmas paid for.

  234. Dianne Shinpaugh says:

    This is a good way to do your Christmas shopping!

  235. Susan says:

    We are going to each try this my husband and I and see who is successful.

  236. Kari says:

    I tried this last year and only made it half way. This year I am going to do it backwards! That way, if I quit early, I’ll still have most of it saved!

  237. Chris says:

    Great idea – just wanted to point out that in the table there is a mistake in the balance at week 49. The amount should be $1225, but this doesn’t change the final amount saved. Thanks for sharing that idea πŸ™‚

  238. Dawn says:

    This seems simple enough. Thanks

  239. hila says:

    I’m definitley doing this and will pass on to my besties…

  240. Sharon Dabney says:

    I am going to do this but I am going to try to double it each week that I can.

  241. Gil says:

    A lot harder to do when you get paid shit bi-weekly.

  242. Samantha says:

    We usually take our lose $1 buikls in our pockets at the end of the day and put them in our money jar it adds up quick

  243. melissa senter says:

    How does this work when you are paid every 2 weeks? or daily.

  244. A.Ang says:

    An even more effective way of ensuring that the saving will happen is probably to physically put the money aside in a piggy bank or something. That way, you see the money; it’s easier to keep track of the saving than doing it with your bank account!

  245. Diana K Jones says:


  246. Glenda Watson says:

    Going to Give this a try.

  247. Brenda Goodnight says:

    On Board!

  248. Nurhayati says:

    I want to join!

  249. Torsky Williams says:

    I am going to do this….it a great plan for 2014.

  250. Deacon Byron West says:


  251. Tina says:

    How does it work?

  252. carol says:

    seems easy – but when you start getting into double digit weeks – then you realize that finding the money to save (starts to be over a $100 a month) is not so easy to come up with

  253. Jessie James Myrick, Jr. says:

    Nice plan Mr. Edwards I’m gonna give it a shot and ask my Wife to do so as well. Happy New Year, I have FAITH that its gonna be GREAT!!

  254. Janie A. Volkert says:

    I would like to try this! How do I get a blank page for 2014?

  255. Vi says:

    Going to try and do this….maybe even try and put a couple more bucks away

  256. Mary says:

    um u might want to go refigure things starting at week 49-52… smh

  257. Donna Koester says:

    This sounds like a great idea!! Iam going to try it!

  258. Neo Chengchuah says:

    I will follow

  259. Rosemary says:

    Take 1378. divide by 52 = 26.50 that would be easier for some people to do & still come out at the end with the same amount….

  260. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Week 36 sure is EVIL! lol πŸ™‚

  261. lynsey bain says:

    I think I’m doing it

  262. Eleanor says:

    Great idea but I prefer to set up my main acct to auto transfer an amount to my secret acct. I started this for my 17yr olds graduation and end of 2013 there was close to $800 in the acct. Im about to start my bucket list acct.

  263. PDX Lager says:

    Do this with a “high-interest” (which these days is laughable) savings account and your end-of-year balance would be north of $1,412. Capital One, for example, has one paying .75% (link below). The interest is paid monthly and then your balance is even higher next month (when more interest is paid, welcome to compounding!) Every (extra) dollar helps!

  264. Becky Suchomel says:

    I might try it backwards! $52 week 1, $51 week 2, $50 week 3…
    I’d feel like I was being rewarded a $1 every week! Hmmm…maybe I should feel that way about savings…that may be my problem? lol

  265. whitney says:

    If your stores print out the amount of savings on the register receipt, try putting that amount aside. You’d be surprised how much this can amount to. Each coupon, each discounted item. And watch for special savings you can get at some stores. For instance, as a retired reservist, I can get military discounts of 10% at several chain stores, our local IGA has “senior day” on Tuesdays, again a 10% discount. Buy big-ticket items when the store has “11% off on everything” day.

  266. BRIGITTE MILLS says:

    I’m gonna try to do it buy backwards!!! It may be easier to do it that way.

  267. Velvy Rose says:

    I really going to make an effort to try this 52 week saving plan, and try to stick with it and don’t dip into the savings.

  268. Alida Espada says:

    This is a good idea I’m on board

  269. snee says:

    It would make more sense to save the same amount each week ($26.50 each week). The cost is the same and the compound interest would increase your earnings. You can set a recurring deposit for a fixed amount with your bank so you never forget a week. If your bank only does monthly recurring deposits just set it to $115 per month.

  270. marilyn says:

    Does anybody have the money challenge for increasing pennies a day for one year.

    Please send it to me at my email address listed if you have it.

  271. Debbie Maloney says:

    Sounds like a plan!

  272. Parker says:

    I like this idea I am going to try it starting tomorrow.

  273. Michelle says:

    This is useless. This is less than my savings in a fortnight !

  274. James says:

    I would do it backwards. Start at $52 and then go down each week so the last payment is $1, means you will have more money to spare next christmas and as the payments are going down it feels more comfortable.

  275. Viene says:

    looks like fun. start from small then little by little increase by just 1 dollar.
    at the end the rewards are good πŸ™‚

  276. Lisa Dixon Echols says:

    I need to save money to move for my health so I am in

  277. ANNA VALENTINO says:


  278. Lisa D.W. says:

    I trying to move for my health to a dry climate this might work

  279. Tomas says:


    I just saw this and I will challange my gf to do it with me but with a slight twist. I will start from the end with the $52 saving week one and the go down. But with another additional twist. Lets say that we are in week 3 aka the $50 saving week. Then the $50 saving will be the minimum but we can ad up to $52.

    Thank you so much for your inspiration.

  280. Leona says:

    I will try

  281. Pingback: The Daily Bailey | Buck Yeah!

  282. Amy Beck says:

    I have a question about this, what if someone onky gets paid once a month, does that someone just deposit $30 month instead of once a week?

  283. Melinda says:

    I am going to try this as well. Just put my $1 in today! πŸ™‚


  285. Marlene Hollander--I'll try it too! says:

    Who knows maybe we will both make it dear….

  286. melba williams says:

    I`m going to try this.

  287. Janette says:

    I don’t think I would have around $200 next December to keep this up? πŸ™ . Not with Christmas around the corner. Wish I wasn’t on fixed income :((

    • Billy says:

      do it in reverse.

    • sueathome says:

      Just do what I am doing. Add a little more on the beginning end. That way you can cut back if you don’t have it all later. Were all on fixed budgets. That is why we are doing this:)

    • U might be slow... says:

      ???? each week you put in the amount that coincides with the amount of weeks you’ve been saving. Week one you put in $1. Week two, you deposit $2 and have $3 in you account…because 1+2 = 3. And so on. On the 52nd week, you put in $52.
      If you had started on the first of January, by the end of December you would have $1,378.

      Was that so hard to understand?

  288. Diane Rasmussen says:

    Go to give it try!!!

  289. Margo Green says:

    This is a good start for everyone!
    Kids too!

  290. Judy Daniels Munyon says:

    Great idea. I’m starting it now. Let’s see if it works. Thanks.

  291. Angelina says:

    I’m going for it! πŸ™‚

  292. Theresa says:

    I’m in. Starting right now

  293. Elizabeth Soler says:

    I am going to try it sound good.

  294. L. Smith says:

    Let go. I have started. Have a wonderful New Year…. Hopeeveryone reaches their goal and beyond…

  295. marcia matthew says:

    thanks I will try it, thank I will invite others to do so

  296. Jaymz says:

    I think you’ll be in trouble saving only 1+k a year. Add another zero at the back and you might just be able to retire one day.

  297. Ruby says:

    I will try this it look like a good way to start the Ne Year off Thank you.

  298. Michaela Plosuak says:

    I am doing this!

  299. Tom says:

    Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, you could try the $4 challenge. Save $4 a week, and at the end of the year, you’ll wind up with $5,512. Not counting interest.

  300. Pamela says:

    I’m going to do this but start backwards then the amount will lessen each week but interest will be better!

  301. RENEE says:

    Must try. Will start today.

  302. Joshua says:

    Will start on this as soon as possible

  303. Shannon Donegan says:

    I talked to a co worker and we have challenged each other to do this!

  304. Leah Chantzi says:

    Ok…here goes…going to give it a try…only one difference though. I think I am going to start at $52 the first week and work my way down. Sounds weird, yet $52 is much money for us and if I can look forward to a larger amounts gotten out of the way while there are no five alarm fires, then it may be a reachable goal for me. Any comments?

    • Tonya says:

      What i suggest is on the weeks you have extra money put in the money of a later week. Cross out the weeks in reverse when you have extra. 52 weeks is 52 weeks.

  305. Pamela D. Arrington says:

    I am definitely going to try this….I’m ready to have more than enough….

  306. rosalind says:

    will give this my best shot

  307. stephanie pratt says:

    So excited about doing this again.

  308. Janean says:

    We are also trying this. Kinda’ excited πŸ˜€ and not to be a downer or anything but on week 50 – its actually 1175. So there’s a $100. discrepancy. Still not bad for the year.

  309. Donna Burnett says:

    Jerry and I did it in 2013 and this week I transferred $1,378.00 to our Savings Account. I really like the idea of doing it in reverse. November and December became quite a pain with the amounts due each week.

  310. Bonnie says:

    I am starting this now, keeping it in a envelope. I get pd twice month but still do able.. πŸ™‚ This gives u incentive LOL

  311. tiffany says:

    I get paid every other week so I just took the final amount and divided it by the 26 paychecks a year I get. Far less overwhelming this way.

  312. patty says:

    so if your on a fixed income that will never let you save that much a week do the week 1- 26 and then start over. or even 1-13. your still setting goals and saving money right? With a little modification anyone can do this.

  313. rayna says:

    I did it last year I did save up a good mount of money. need to start again!

  314. David S. says:

    I am sorry but $4 a week for 1 yr. is only $208….(4Γ—52=208). Even $4 a day for a yr. doesn’t add up. What am I missing?

  315. Lisa B says:

    I am going to give this a try, I’m excited about it to. Christmas money!!!

  316. I am doing this & hope that I can make it all the way through.

  317. G says:

    Ya take a year to save 1.3K??

  318. Joyce Milner says:

    Me and my hubby started this in Jan. This is my goal. It is hard for us to save but I think by doing this we can do it. I also told some friends about it. Check on me to see how I am doing that would also help you can email me anytime. I am on my 6 weeks right now I did miss a week but I am caught up now. I will keep doing this every year I am treating it like a bill or putting gas in my car. Thanks for posting this I really think it would help us.

    Thank You
    Joyce Milner

  319. Cindy says:

    I’ve been doing this the past two months, I get paid monthly, so add it up and pay myself first. I have $78 so far, did add some of my income tax money too. Nice to have an emergency fund and some money in savings too. First time ever for me.

  320. Diana says:

    I started doing this backwards and doubled/tripled/quadrupled when I could (I’m self-employed so any kind of regular payment is always a challenge) and I am finished!!! Six months early!

  321. George says:

    am on week 4 as of 1-6-15

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